Wait What? Seth MacFarlane To Host The 85th Academy Awards!

The Academy Awards went with a very unorthodox decision when they chose Seth MacFarlane, creator of “Family Guy”, to host next year’s Oscars.

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Win A Rocky Balboa Action Figure! [Giveaway]

Continuing our weekly movie product giveaway, this week we are giving away an awesome Rocky Balboa action figure made by N.E.C.A! To win it, show us your favorite Rocky moment!

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Winner Of Jason Voorhees’ Mask From Friday The 13th Giveaway!

We announce the winner of our Bi-Weekly Summer Giveaway! This week’s lucky winner won a Friday the 13th Jason Mask Prop Replica!

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Win Jason Voorhees’ Mask From Friday The 13th! [GIVEAWAY]

Today we kick off our biweekly movie product giveaways! As promised, every other Wednesday, we will be giving one lucky person a truly awesome, one-of-a-kind product from popular cult classic movies.

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2012 MTV Movie Awards! The Ultimate Showdown – Katniss vs Bella?

This Sunday, June 3rd, marks the 21st Annual MTV Movie Awards. Ever since 2009, the Twilight Saga almost always wins every single award. But thanks to The Hunger Games, this year might be different.

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Hollywood Video’s Awesome Movie Product Giveaways!

We at Hollywood Video appreciate all things entertainment and pop culture. We also know that our incredible audience shares this passion. With that said, we are now planning by-weekly Awesome Movie Product Giveaways!

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Katniss Jennifer Lawrence funny sweetheart

Jennifer Lawrence Is Your Typical Funny Everyday Girl – Only Ridiculously Famous

Jennifer Lawrence is one of the few rare celebrities who still remain down to earth and grounded with a stellar sense of humor, despite instant stardom. She’s talented but relatable, well-known but low key, and most of all, she has the best fans in Hollywood. See why inside.

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Bring Comic Con Documentary And Morgan Spurlock To Your Town!

There’s been a lot of positive buzz going around about Morgan Spurlock’s new movie, Comic Con Episode IV: A Fan’s Hope. In addition to the 8 screening locations already scheduled to premiere, up to 7 more locations can be added, along with a Q&A with Mr.Spurlock.

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Top 5 Funniest Hunger Games Movie MEMEs

We have to admit, our favorite part about any movie premiere has got to be the hilariously clever MEMEs that end up all over the web. We have listed our Top 5 Hunger Games MEMEs! We hope you enjoy them.

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Demand For Hunger Games Mockingjay Replica Pins Soon To Be Satisfied

Ever since the Hunger Games merchandise was released, fans of all ages have been ordering their favorite Hunger Games items. We are not surprised to announce that the Mockingjay Replica Pin reached #5 on Amazon’s top 100 Best Seller list!! According

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Why Our Oscar Predictions Were Wrong

We recently posted our predictions for the 84th annual Academy Awards. Unfortunately, we didn’t get any right. But we are still extremely happy with last night’s winners! Even though George Clooney, Michelle Williams and The Help didn’t come out as winners like we predicted, those who got to take home an Oscar are all talented and more than deserving.

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Top 10 Oscar Moments Ever – The Best Of Oscar Drama

The makings of an unforgettable Academy Awards is all about inappropriate, shocking or heart felt acceptance speeches, over-the-top dresses, extreme P.D.A, and an overall entertaining show. Let’s take a look at what we believe to be the best Oscar moments, in no particular order.

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Billy Crystal And Some Of The Best Hosts Of The Oscars

The Oscar’s has seen its fair share of questionable hosts.But we all know that what makes an amazing show all depends on its host. Billy Crystal will be hosting his 9th Academy Awards this Sunday, hopefully making it a memorable night for all of those attending and watching.

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Trailer For Comic Con Episode IV: A Fan’s Hope Is Released!

Finally catch the trailer for Comic Con Episode IV: A Fan’s Hope. Morgan Spurlock, Academy Award nominated director of Super Size Me, takes you behind the scenes to San Diego, California, in the world’s largest comic book convention called, Comic Con.

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2012 Academy Award’s Predictions – 84th Annual Oscars Are Coming

The 84th Academy Awards are right around the corner, so we thought it is a perfect time to make our predictions for Best Picture, Best Actor and Best Actress. With each category filled with such talent, we’re happy we don’t actually have to choose the winners.

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Was the 2012 Grammy Awards Watered Down?

Grammy’s is Music’s biggest night. But in 2012, the awards just lacked… substance. LL Cool J as the host was good, but what now? With Award shows losing their relevance, is there hope for the Grammy in 2013?

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Update On The Hunger Games Movie Product Line Shipping Date!

Recent update on the Hunger Games movie product line. Amazon should be receiving the products by the end of next week, hopefully allowing them to ship products to costumers somewhere around February 20th.

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The Hunger Games Movie Products Now Available! [BREAKING]

With the huge premiere of the movie right around the corner, we know that fans have been patiently craving any kind of information that involves The Hunger Games. Well, here you have it folks. A unique line of products to satisfy all fans.

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