5 Superhero Movies That Need To Be Made

The past couple years have been great for superhero fans, and as we’ve already pointed out, 2013 is going to be another banner year. But while big names like Thor and The Avengers are tearing up the box office, there

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The 5 Superhero Movies To See in 2013

With the recent success of The Avengers and the epic conclusion to the Nolan Batman trilogy, we can’t help but wonder about the future of superhero movies and how they’ll keep up this crazy momentum. The good news is, these

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michael j fox feature

Michael J. Fox Is Coming Back to Television With a Brand New Series!

We are super excited to see that Michael J. Fox will be returning to TV in his new series based loosely around his life. We can’t wait!

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httm feature

Hot Tub Time Machine Getting a Sequel?

Were You One of The Lucky Ones? You may not have seen Hot Tub Time Machine (HTTM), and if not, it’s not your fault. The title alone made it sound like a campy comedy doomed to linger a slow death

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die hard feature

Yippee-Ki-Yay: Die Hard Back in Theaters With a Vengeance (and a Marathon)

Die Hard 5 enters theaters next month with ‘A Good Day To Die Hard’. A few theaters will be showing the series in a massive movie marathon!

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New Pacific Rim Trailer – Evangellion Meets Godzilla In EPIC WIN!

The trailer for Pacific Rim by Guillermo del Toro has just dropped, and the only word to describe it is “epic.” Release date is July 2013 – we cant wait!

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Why You Should Get Excited For the Assassin’s Creed Movie

Assassin’s Creed is set to hit the big screen in the near future. Hollywoodvideo.com takes a closer look at what to expect in this movie.

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From Apprentice to Padawan: Mickey to Own Lucasfilm in Disney Deal

That’s right, the House of Mouse is buying up Skywalker Ranch for over $4Billion! Better yet, a new Star Wars movie is scheduled for 2015!

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lone ranger feature

6 Things You Don’t Know About The Lone Ranger [TRIVIA]

Next summer, Disney brings the legend of The Lone Ranger to the big screens with Johnny Depp. Here are 6 things you did NOT know about it.

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Prometheus Infographic Hints About 2nd Movie – Black Goo KINDA Explained?

New infographic published by Prometheus hints at 2nd movie by trying to explain what the black goo actually does. Did they reveal too much?

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God Bless America with Joel Murray is God D*** Awesome

Everyone feels angry at times, and probably even consider dangerous actions towards fellow humans. God Bless America shows just what happens in those cases.

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Once Upon a Time Season 2 Precap

Once Upon a Time is my new favorite show, as you’ve already probably picked up from the two-part recap I did on season 1 the past few weeks. Since the second season will be debuting September 30th on ABC, this

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Once Upon A Time Mostly Spoiler Free Season 1 Recap (Part 2)

In just over a month, the Season 2 of Once Upon a Time will premiere. In anticipation of the return of the best fairy tale based television show on any network, we’re recapping Season 1 in a two part article.

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Once Upon A Time Mostly Spoiler Free Season 1 Recap (Part 1)

I think we can all agree that Once Upon A Time is one of the better television shows out there. It’s well written, has an excellent cast, and uses the Disney version of the fairy tales for the background details.

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Total Recall Remake Brings All 3 Boobs Back

They may have eliminated the setting from the original Total Recall (which means the plot must be radically different), they didn’t cut the wonderful three breasted hooker! They changed her locale, but her trademark mammaries stayed the same.

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I Fought the Law, and the Law Blew Some S*** Up in Slow Motion

Just in case you didn’t hear, there’s a new Judge Dredd in town. It seems in this outing, Judge Dredd will be taking on Cersei Laniste…err, Lena Headey, the manufacturer of a new drug, called Slo-Mo. Judge Dredd is being played by Karl Urban, who also played McCoy in the most recent Star Trek.

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What is Prometheus Recruiting for at San Diego Comic Con 2012?

New trailer for Prometheus hit YouTube yesterday. It looks like a viral video, but says “Recruiting at San Diego Comic Con 2012.” What for?

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PROMETHEUS – The 1 Question That Will Bring Us Answers

The story of Prometheus left us with a lot of questions. One of the big problems is the sheer number of questions people have. However, I think a lot of them can be explained by answering just one question: Why did the engineer rip off Davids head?

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