Robocop Remake with Hugh Laurie Better Not Have Lupus

Robocop reboot slated to come out in 2013. Many A-List actors, like Hugh Laurie, are set to star in it to make up fits amateur director. Who knows, this reboot/remake might turn out to be a good one. We’ll find out next summer.

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How VOD is the Future of Television

Video on demand services are quickly becoming the future of television. Big cable companies and network executives are fearful that they soon will be replaced by a cheaper and more convenient way to watch T.V.

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50 Years of James Bond: 23rd Movie Skyfall to Celebrate

Wow, James Bond turns 50 years old this year! Immortalized by Sir Sean Connery, the Spy comes back with a giant BluRay set and a new movie!

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Total Recall Remake Totally Awesome?

The new Total Recall movie, starring Collin Farrell, doesn’t look like a total disappointment! To our surprise, the trailer looks extremely promising and also reveals a star studded cast, leaving us excited to see it this coming August.

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Short Circuit Reboot by Tim Hill Might Give Johnny-5 New Life

Back then, killer military robots was a futuristic concept. Not today, however. Can Tim Hill’s Short Circuit reboot capture that? Check it out!

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From Roseanne to The Avengers: A Salute To Joss Whedon

Joss Whedon is said to have opened the doors of sci-fi and fantasy, the traditional realm of the geek, to everyone. In a way, Joss Whedon has made geek chic.

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How CGI Can Take the Magic Out of Hollywood

Computer Generated Imagery, or CGI, has taken the cinema world by storm. Pixar pioneered it, but what’s left of it? Is there anything good left? We try to find out.

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Blaming Star Wars

Overwhelmed by the amount of terrible superhero movies that have over the top special effects with little to no plot? You can thank George Lucas and Star Wars for the over abundance of these summer blockbusters.

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5 Movies You May have Missed On Demand

Let’s face it: just about everyone has watched movies On Demand by now. You can get it on your gaming console, smartphone, maybe even right to your TV.  Hell, you can probably get it on your fridge. Here are 5 movies you probably missed.

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