Wow, James Bond turns 50 years old this year!

The iconic spy has been portrayed by six actors in a total of 22 movies over the years, proving the popularity of debonair British espionage. How many other series have had such a venerable life? Not too many. Maybe Godzilla.

Not exactly inconspicuous

James Bond was the brainchild of real-life WWII spy Ian Fleming, who basically wrote an autobiography and changed the names. He wrote a total of 12 books and 2 short story collections that featured his fictional counterpart. Oh, he also wrote another book that was turned into a movie, Chitty-Chitty-Bang-Bang.

Featuring Dick Van Dyke as James Bond's younger challenged brother, Melvin.

The first Bond movie, Dr. No, came out in 1962 and we’ve seen multiple movies since. Some good, some not so much (Moonraker, anyone?). Many characters other than 007 have become iconic in their own right such as gadget inventor, Q, or head of MI6, M, and may have been brought to you by Sesame Street.

So now that we’ve hit that 50 year milestone, what do the producers of Bond have in mind? First up is the ultimate James Bond BluRay collection. 22 movies and 100+ hours of additional material on at least 22 discs makes this the definitive James Bond collection for anyone who’s ever wanted to ogle Pussy Galore in HD.

Bond totally got to Goldfinger that.

It should be noted that this movie collection has all the Bond. Every promotional trailer is included and the list of shit it comes with is ridiculous. But the box itself is kinda lame, merely showing all of the Bond actors. Blah. Everyone knows Connery was the best. Should have just featured him with all the Bond girls.

Here's a couple to illustrate.

Watch Skyfall’s Official Trailer

Of course, no sooner does the DVD box set to end all box sets come out, than they have to come out with a 23rd Bond movie. Named Skyfall, this one features Daniel Craig reprising the role, and has some interesting choices for director and screenwriter.

Plus the teaser trailer so far released doesn’t really tell us much other than Bond is being interrogated, Skyfall is done, and there’s a train wreck. Hell, I’m barely sure who the next Bond girl is from the vid. But you can watch it below in all it’s glory.

Skyfall comes out in November in the U.S. Will you be watching it?