Usually once a movie comes out, they stop releasing new trailers for it. I guess the marketing team behind Prometheus didn’t get that memo, because a new trailer for Prometheus hit YouTube yesterday.

While the body of it is a nanotechnologist talking about a recent invention for Weyland Corp, there are also brief interruptions of violence in it as well. It looks like a typical viral video for the movie, but at the end it says “Recruiting at San Diego Comic Con 2012.”

Prometheus At SDCC 2012?

So what are they recruiting for? The end of the trailer also features a link to a new page on their viral site. It has nothing on it though. Perusing the rest of the site doesn’t give any info on SDCC either. So what is happening at SDCC this year?

“You know anything, Ridley?” No, Noomi, I don…Wait, your name is Noomi? Really?”

Ah, leave it to these guys to give us more frigging unanswered questions about Prometheus, because the movie itself apparently didn’t give us enough already. Are they announcing a sequel to Prometheus at SDCC? That’s  probably what most people are hoping it means. But it could just as easily be a really high dollar ad to promote the Prometheus:Series 1 figures we know NECA is revealing. Though that seems less likely.

But they do really deserve a mention.

If nothing else, hopefully it will allow us to get some answers to the multiple unexplained mysteries the movie left us with. Likely, there will be more information released before Comic Con which starts July 12, so we’ll just have to keep waiting until then. But Prometheus fans are good at waiting, right?