Guillermo del Toro takes on the age-old question, “Who’d win: monsters or giant robots?” with the new movie ‘Pacific Rim’ this weekend.

After scouring the Internet and conducting a poll of over 700,000 people (that last part is absolutely not true), here are seven reasons we at Hollywood Video think you should see it.

1. Because giant monsters come out of the ocean and start wrecking up the place.

pacific rim faceoff
Um, hey, excuse me, monster? You just smashed the good Starbucks.

2. Also, they look like this.

pacific rim monsters
Death awaits you with big, sharp, pointy teeth.

3. Because someone has the brilliant idea to build giant robots to stop them.

pacific rim jaeger
So is that the problem? Nobody’s ever thought of giant robots before? Why isn’t this real life?

4. Because those robots already have their own action figures!

I call sharkface guy!

5. Because Ron Perlman wears this suit.

It’s not a Hellboy costume, but it’ll do.

6. And Idris Elba wears this one.

pacific rim idris elba
Other guy: You ever have to wear anything like this on The Wire?
Idris Elba: Nope.

7. Because this is as cool as remote control is ever going to get.

pacific rim feat
How would you even fit this thing in a Toys ‘R Us?

If you’re not yet convinced, there’s nothing left to do but to watch the trailer. Please note: they are canceling the apocalypse.

No word on when or if the apocalypse will be rescheduled.

Pacific Rim is in theaters now!