Today we kick-off of our Biweekly Giveaways! As promised, every other Wednesday, we will be giving one lucky person a truly awesome, one-of-a-kind product from popular cult classic movies.

In the spirit of the summer season, the month of June will be dedicated to honoring the Summer of 1982. All movie lovers out there know that classics like TRON, E.T and Rocky III, which were all released that summer, are known to be some of the greatest movies in cinematic history.

Week Of June 6th

This week will be the week of Jason Voorhees. Everyone is familiar with the infamous Jason mask, which permanently gave hockey masks a new menacing meaning. August 1982 marks the release of Friday The 13th: Part III, which is the first film to feature Jason wearing the mask. Thanks to our friends at N.E.C.A, we have our hands on a Jason Mask Prop Replica, which would make any horror movie loving sicko scream with delight.

What You Have To Do

We don’t just hand Jason masks to anyone who says they want one! What we need from YOU is for you to tell us which Jason kill is your favorite one and why. Luckily, there’s a bunch to choose from. To name a few…

  • Meat cleaver to the chest
  • Knitting needles through the head
  • Throat impaled by a pitchfork
  • Cut in half by machete (oldie but a goodie)

Like we said, there are plenty Jason kills to go around. So here’s how to enter:

Twitter, Google + and Facebook

Follow Hollywood Video on Twitter and write a post with your answer. Don’t forget to tag us in your post by typing “@NewHVideo”, or else we won’t see it!

Circle and +1 Hollywood Video on G+ and write a post with your answer. To tag us on G+, type “@” and start typing Hollywood Video.

Like us on Facebook and simply write your answer right onto our Timeline!

Easy enough? Yes. Feel free to embed a video and or picture in your posts if you’re feeling ambitious. Don’t forget to tag us! Without tagging us, we won’t see your submission.


  • There are no limits to how many answers you can submit.
  • There are no restrictions as to what media you can use – videos, pictures, music, text, and any others are welcome.
  • You are welcome to submit multiple answers to Twitter, G+ and Facebook.
  • Unfortunately, at this time, we are only shipping within the U.S.A.


The winner will be announced the following Wednesday, based on your reasons why your chosen kill is your favorite. Creativeness and originality in your answers will be the deciding factors of whether you win or perish.

Best of luck!