PROMETHEUS – The 1 Question That Will Bring Us Answers

The story of Prometheus left us with a lot of questions. One of the big problems is the sheer number of questions people have. However, I think a lot of them can be explained by answering just one question: Why did the engineer rip off Davids head?

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Win A Rocky Balboa Action Figure! [Giveaway]

Continuing our weekly movie product giveaway, this week we are giving away an awesome Rocky Balboa action figure made by N.E.C.A! To win it, show us your favorite Rocky moment!

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Robocop Remake with Hugh Laurie Better Not Have Lupus

Robocop reboot slated to come out in 2013. Many A-List actors, like Hugh Laurie, are set to star in it to make up fits amateur director. Who knows, this reboot/remake might turn out to be a good one. We’ll find out next summer.

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Winner Of Jason Voorhees’ Mask From Friday The 13th Giveaway!

We announce the winner of our Bi-Weekly Summer Giveaway! This week’s lucky winner won a Friday the 13th Jason Mask Prop Replica!

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3D Movies – If Everyone Hates Them, Why Do They Make So Much Money?

G.I Joe Retaliation release date has been pushed back an entire 9 months thanks to 3D conversion. If the studio had really felt the movie would benefit from an added dimension, they would have filmed it that way from the start.

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How VOD is the Future of Television

Video on demand services are quickly becoming the future of television. Big cable companies and network executives are fearful that they soon will be replaced by a cheaper and more convenient way to watch T.V.

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Win Jason Voorhees’ Mask From Friday The 13th! [GIVEAWAY]

Today we kick off our biweekly movie product giveaways! As promised, every other Wednesday, we will be giving one lucky person a truly awesome, one-of-a-kind product from popular cult classic movies.

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2012 MTV Movie Awards! The Ultimate Showdown – Katniss vs Bella?

This Sunday, June 3rd, marks the 21st Annual MTV Movie Awards. Ever since 2009, the Twilight Saga almost always wins every single award. But thanks to The Hunger Games, this year might be different.

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50 Years of James Bond: 23rd Movie Skyfall to Celebrate

Wow, James Bond turns 50 years old this year! Immortalized by Sir Sean Connery, the Spy comes back with a giant BluRay set and a new movie!

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Hollywood Video’s Awesome Movie Product Giveaways!

We at Hollywood Video appreciate all things entertainment and pop culture. We also know that our incredible audience shares this passion. With that said, we are now planning by-weekly Awesome Movie Product Giveaways!

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Avengers Movie Released: World Continues to Ignore ACTUAL Comic Books

Do you any huge fairweather Spider-Man fans or are your friends taking a sudden interest in the Avengers? What happened to comic books in Hollywood?

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Total Recall Remake Totally Awesome?

The new Total Recall movie, starring Collin Farrell, doesn’t look like a total disappointment! To our surprise, the trailer looks extremely promising and also reveals a star studded cast, leaving us excited to see it this coming August.

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Katniss Jennifer Lawrence funny sweetheart

Jennifer Lawrence Is Your Typical Funny Everyday Girl – Only Ridiculously Famous

Jennifer Lawrence is one of the few rare celebrities who still remain down to earth and grounded with a stellar sense of humor, despite instant stardom. She’s talented but relatable, well-known but low key, and most of all, she has the best fans in Hollywood. See why inside.

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Short Circuit Reboot by Tim Hill Might Give Johnny-5 New Life

Back then, killer military robots was a futuristic concept. Not today, however. Can Tim Hill’s Short Circuit reboot capture that? Check it out!

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Bring Comic Con Documentary And Morgan Spurlock To Your Town!

There’s been a lot of positive buzz going around about Morgan Spurlock’s new movie, Comic Con Episode IV: A Fan’s Hope. In addition to the 8 screening locations already scheduled to premiere, up to 7 more locations can be added, along with a Q&A with Mr.Spurlock.

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Top 5 Funniest Hunger Games Movie MEMEs

We have to admit, our favorite part about any movie premiere has got to be the hilariously clever MEMEs that end up all over the web. We have listed our Top 5 Hunger Games MEMEs! We hope you enjoy them.

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From Roseanne to The Avengers: A Salute To Joss Whedon

Joss Whedon is said to have opened the doors of sci-fi and fantasy, the traditional realm of the geek, to everyone. In a way, Joss Whedon has made geek chic.

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Demand For Hunger Games Mockingjay Replica Pins Soon To Be Satisfied

Ever since the Hunger Games merchandise was released, fans of all ages have been ordering their favorite Hunger Games items. We are not surprised to announce that the Mockingjay Replica Pin reached #5 on Amazon’s top 100 Best Seller list!! According

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