Kickstarter-Funded Movies: Good for Fans or Bad for Business?

Much to the pleasure of Veronica Mars fans across the world, the character made famous by Kristen Bell lives again thanks to Kickstarter. Creator Rob Thomas has raised (as of Thursday, March 21), more than $3.7 million, its goal was

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3D Movies – If Everyone Hates Them, Why Do They Make So Much Money?

G.I Joe Retaliation release date has been pushed back an entire 9 months thanks to 3D conversion. If the studio had really felt the movie would benefit from an added dimension, they would have filmed it that way from the start.

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Oops… We’re Here Again!

Hollywood. Where dreams come true and anyone can be a star. Movies are big business and Hollywood rakes in billions of dollars every year. We’re here to make your life easier.

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