2012 MTV Movie Awards! The Ultimate Showdown – Katniss vs Bella?

This Sunday, June 3rd, marks the 21st Annual MTV Movie Awards. Ever since 2009, the Twilight Saga almost always wins every single award. But thanks to The Hunger Games, this year might be different.

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The Hunger Games Movie Action Figures Spotted At Toys R Us!

The action figures based on The hunger games movie are currently available! Katniss, peeta, and Gale were spotted at a local Toys R Us! Have you found yours yet?

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The Hunger Games Movie Products Now Available! [BREAKING]

With the huge premiere of the movie right around the corner, we know that fans have been patiently craving any kind of information that involves The Hunger Games. Well, here you have it folks. A unique line of products to satisfy all fans.

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