A Night For The Golden Oldies And Foreign Newbies

Hollywood’s golden night kept things tame Sunday night, with only a few zings from host Ricky Gervais, who seemed ready to get in and get out, even ending the show a few minutes ahead of schedule. Gervais’ biggest targets were the Hollywood Foreign Press, Eddie Murphy, Kim Kardashian and Justin Bieber — none of whom were in the crowd for the cameras to pan in on. He slammed his pal Johnny Depp for “The Tourist,” but even here Gervais played it safe, reusing a joke from last year and steering clear of Depp’s more recent disappointment, “The Rum Diaries.” As a viewer, some of the most rewarding moments of the night didn’t come from our entertainer of the night, but from the old-timers and foreign newbies in the audience. Not only did they take home a hefty chunk of the gold, they stole the show with some eloquent speeches, kissy noises and even a lone expletive. Read on for more from the seasoned ones, the non-English-speaking ones and the wannabe foreigners of the evening.

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