A ‘Raging Bull’ Sequel is Real and Ready to Sucker Punch Audiences

We joke and complain all the time about unnecessary sequels, and while some of our while some of our whining is just that, this time we feel completely justified in shaking our heads at Hollywood. Though Martin Scorsese’s Raging Bull was a perfect stand alone drama following Robert De Niro as real-life, troubled boxer Jake LaMotta, a follow-up, that is apparently both a sequel and a prequel, is heading into production. Based on Chris Anderson’s aptly titled book Raging Bull II, the film will see William Forsythe (“Boardwalke Empire”) fitting into the gloves once filled so spectacular by De Niro back in 1980. According to some casting breakdowns from Moviehole (check out details on plenty of characters over there), the film will chronicle some of LaMotta’s days as a teenager and also years following his boxing career. While Forsythe is no De Niro, the guy has been in tons of films, …

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