And Your ‘Iron Man 3’ Villain is Set to Be Played By Sir Ben Kingsley

The Iron Man franchise really likes to pick some elderly villains. First Jeff Bridges stepped into the Iron Monger suit and then Mickey Rourke got electrified as Whiplash and now Variety has word that Sir Ben Kingsley, fresh off his magnificent turn in Hugo, is now in final negotiations to play the villain in Iron Man 3, already slated to hit theaters in the summer of 2013. But despite his facial features, especially when looking at Kingsley in Prince of Persia, sources say that Kingsley is not going to be playing Iron Man’s signature comic book villain Mandarin, a wealthy Chinese scientist and martial arts expert. More below! Of course, it’s not clear exactly what villain Kingsley will be playing, and the Iron Man franchise kind of likes to keep the fans guessing until the last possible minute anyway. It’s been said that the script, written by Drew Pearce and the …

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