Billy Bob Thornton, Thomas Jane & James Marsden Join ‘Red Machine’

James Marsden, Thomas Jane and Billy Bob Thornton have all been cast in Red Machine, a new wilderness thriller from director David Hackl (Saw V) and first time screenwriter J.R. Reher. According to Variety, the film centers around two at-odds brothers (Jane and Marsden) who attempt to mend fences over a camping trip. Yet, instead of putting things back together, they’re literally torn apart by a relentless grizzly bear nicknamed “Red Machine.” I’m assuming he got the nickname from his reddish brown fur and knack for killing as opposed to just destroying Mountain Dew Code Red vending machines. More below! Rounding out the cast is Billy Bob Thornton as as, yep, you guessed it, a legendary bear expert and hunter tracking Red Machine. It’s so stereotypical of his rural, backwoods kind of characters, it’s awesome, and I just can’t even bear it! Not much else is known about the film but …

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