Brad Pitt On Oscar Nods: ‘Pancakes For Everyone’

Actor tells Today Show he’s ‘ecstatic’ about ‘Moneyball’ and ‘Tree of Life’ nominations.
By Jocelyn Vena
Brad Pitt in “Moneyball”
Photo: Sony Pictures On Tuesday morning (January 24), “Moneyball” star Brad Pitt heard his name called several times when the Oscar nominations were announced. Shortly after, the actor called in to “The Today Show” to open up about being recognized not only for his acting skills, but also his work getting the baseball film off the ground as a producer. “We’re ecstatic over here. It means so much considering this film was just dead on the rocks two years ago,” he said from L.A. “It took a lot of people to get it to the screen. It’s a great honor. I’m really happy.” Pitt got a couple nods thanks to his producer credit on the best picture nominee and his work in the leading role. His co-star Jonah Hill also got some love with a supporting actor nomination. “I’m so happy for Jonah Hill,” he gushed. “I can’t tell you.” Another film he recently starred in, “Tree of Life,” also got some Academy love, making Pitt’s morning an especially good one. “I’m doubly happy that ‘Tree of Life’ made it in there,” he said. “We thought we were all but forgotten; just excited for [director and nominee] Terry Malick.” Pitt will once again face off against his pal and Golden Globe winner George Clooney for Actor in a Leading Role for his work in “The Descendants,” but he’s not too worried about it. “I’m sure we’ll be exchanging many good words later,” he said. “It’s more fun to have a friend there and no one does it better than George. I say give him all the trophies, and when you run out of trophies, make some new ones and give him those too. ” When asked what prize he wants to win most come Oscars night, he played it cool saying, “I could not pick. I’m just so happy that both these films have been recognized. ‘Tree of Life’ was just as difficult to get made and it’s gonna be pancakes for everyone this morning.” Did “Moneyball” deserve all the Academy love? Let us know what you think in the comments. See the complete list of Academy Awards Nominations.

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