Check Out This Amazing Island Festival Floating Screening ‘Room’

Many great film festivals take place at exotic, hard-to-get-to locations all over the world, from the South of France to the mountains of Colorado. But one I’ve never been to but would love—it’s now on my bucket list—to go to is Film on the Rocks, in Yao Noi, Thailand, organized by Tilda Swinton and filmmaker Apichatpong Weerasethakul (Tropical Malady, Uncle Boonmee). The four-day fest features screenings and workshops, but best of all, its centerpiece is a floating movie theater designed by German architect Ole Scheeren and these photos make it look breathtaking. Who wouldn’t watch to watch movies there—forever?! You can get more info on the Film on the Rocks festival at their website, as the first edition just took place this past March, when these photos are from (found via Honestly WTF & Visual News). “Moviegoers were delivered by boat to a floating movie theater, made of recycled materials, to …

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