Check Out This Stunning Four-Panel ‘Alien’ Mural in East London

In East London, no one can hear you scream! When I first came across this Alien art by EndOfTheLine, a UK-based “creative collective”, I thought it was commissioned by Fox. It looks that good. Indeed, it is just some street art, but it’s an amazing mural anyway. “Jim was getting itchy trigger finger,” they state on their blog. “We set him a challenge to paint all four panels on Great Eastern St in one day, no backup, no support just a big bag of paint and a handful of caps, Basing the production on one of our favourite film franchises, Alien, by Ridley Scott and HR Geiger, visionaries both.” The results are fantastic, as seen in photos below. “The epic Alien production proved that the Samurai Painting style (No Thinking Just Movement) and offshoot of the Shaolin Shadow painting School can cover large areas with style and grace without getting caught …

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