Check This Out: Figure Out the Film Alphabet Through the Decades

Awhile back we featured a stellar alphabet tailored specifically with characters and more from the Star Wars universe. Now artist Stephen Wildish has taken the time to craft a line of images capturing 26 films from each decade in a compilation known as the Film Alphabet. called our attention to one of the decades, and we noticed that Wildish has actually gone all the way back to the 1960’s and plowed all the way through the 2000’s with this cool and fun art project. The artist highlights everything from Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery to Zulu and plenty more films in between. See them below! Here’s each decade of The Film Alphabet from Stephen Wildish, discovered by While many of the films are easily figured out, there are some that will stump even the most hardcore movie fans. The 2000’s are riddled with Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings …

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