Christopher Plummer Wins Best Supporting Actor At The Golden Globes!

Christopher Plummer has charmed his way to the Golden Globe Award for Best Supporting Actor in a Motion Picture.The legendary actor starred in “Beginners” as Hal Fields, a 70-something man who comes out of the closet after his wife dies. Through flashbacks in the memory of his son, played by Ewan McGregor, the film sees him experience a new freedom and then quickly deteriorate as he dies from cancer. Plummer is equally delightful and tragic; the film delivers the message that it’s never too late to be the person you want to be, but that you can never get back lost time.Remarkably, the win gives Plummer his first career Golden Globe win; it also puts him in prime position to win his first Oscar.”I want to salute my partner, Ewan — that wily Scott — Ewan ‘My Heart’s in the Highlands’ McGregor,” he said. “That scene-stealing swine… also, a 21 gun salute goes to Michael Mills, whose talent and wisdom made ‘Beginners’ such an enchanting story. And of course the rest of the family, including Cosmo my favorite dog… and lastly, a lady called Elaine, my wife of 43 years, whose bravery and beauty haunts me still.”Behind the scenes, he told the press, “Gay characters are human beings. we’re all exactly the same. That’s the reason I played it the way I did, not as a caricature. They’re a part of our society since the Egyptians, the Greeks – it’s part of the human condition. I know there is a lot of antigay sentiment in our society at the moment and I abhor it.”

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