Cinematic Reunion: Ethan Makes the Call for Five Big Screen Returns

As the release of American Reunion is right upon is, it seems fitting that other comedic ensembles are returning in the form of an Anchorman sequel and a Dumb & Dumber sequel, which could even end up shooting this September. And while other blasts from the past include follow-ups to Midnight Run, there are several other big screen reunions that I’m much more keen on seeing come together. Now this is by no means an assembly of the best and most desired returns to the big screen, but my personal picks of certain movies with recognizable groups or duos that I would absolutely love to see back in theaters again. Here are my Top 5 picks of big screen returns, inspired by the new American Reunion, that I’d love to see. South Park – When Trey Parker and Matt Stone brought their foul-mouthed fourth graders to the big screen in 1999, it …

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