Custom ‘Shaun of the Dead’ LEGO Set Just Might Become a Reality

Only years after a film sees its release on the big screen do you get a sense of just how impacting a film will be in the future of cinema and the world of pop culture in general. One surprising film that has a huge following and has resulted in the fantastic career of director Edgar Wright is Shaun of the Dead. The film not only helped launch the American fame of British stars Simon Pegg and Nick Frost, but it also allowed for the success of Hot Fuzz and the excitement for another film in the so-called Blood and Ice Cream trilogy. Now the film looks to be more ingrained in pop culture history with its own LEGO set. Yes! Simon Pegg (via The Guardian) promoted the LEGO set on Conan (around the 3:30 minute mark): The custom created set comes from Gregory Coquelz, or Yatkuu as he’s now known online. …

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