Elizabeth Banks Says Live-Action Tinkerbell Would Be Similar to ‘Elf’

In a couple of months the outrageous Effie Trinket from The Hunger Games will be brought to life by Elizabeth Banks, an actress who has proven to be quite the versatile actress, not to mention being pretty easy on the eyes. Over a year and a half ago the lovely actress was said to be attached to Tink, a live-action spin on Disney’s classic fairy Tinkerbell. However, we haven’t heard any news on the project that is likely stuck in development until now. Banks recently spoke with Moviehole about the gestating project and revealed that the film would be similar to that of the holiday favorite Elf starring Will Ferrell. More below! Here’s what Banks had to say about Tink: “It’s a live action Tinkerbell movie sort of in the vein of ‘Elf’ in which I would play Tinkerbell. Tinkerbell gets thrown out of Never Never Land, and it’s about where she …

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