Explore the USCSS Prometheus Built by Weyland Corp in Full Detail

Meet the USCSS (United States Commercial Star Ship) Prometheus, built by Weyland Corp as part of Project Prometheus, a “scientific exploratory vessel.” The viral for Ridley Scott’s new sci-fi Prometheus has been treating us nicely with some beautiful imagery of the ship in flight, however a new batch of photos and infographics from around the web now give us a very detailed inside look at the Weyland spacecraft. They were linked from, but without much of a viral this time. Nonetheless, there’s lots of info and additional stunning photos of the amazing Prometheus set to look at from this latest update. Some of these originally come from the mini-game at Click on any for higher res. Finally, this big introduction image was revealed by IGN, recapping the spaceship with a nifty infographic. If you want to see one more image, there’s another intro document for the medical table, called the “Med …

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