Getting to Know Voice Actors in New Doc Trailer ‘I Know That Voice’

As a kid, one of my favorite cartoons was the Nicktoon “Doug” to the point that I bought all the seasons on DVD and have watched them as an adult. Thankfully they still hold up, but the one thing that blew my mind was when I became a fan of “Futurama” in my later years, I learned that the voice of the titular character from my childhood was in fact the voice of Philip J. Fry, all provided by the talents of Billy West. You might find that there’s plenty to learn about the voice actors behind cartoons, TV commercials and movie trailers in this cool new documentary I Know That Voice, for which a trailer has been released. Watch! Here’s the first trailer for Lawrence Shapiro’s documentary I Know That Voice via The Daily What: Lawrence Shapiro directs I Know That Voice, a documentary that looks at the lives and careers …

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