Gorgeous Official US Poster for ‘The Flowers of War’ Finally Revealed

A mere 24 hours before this film gets quietly released in limited theaters, Wrekin Hill has finally released an official US poster (via IMDb) for The Flowers of War, the Zhang Yimou-directed WWII drama starring Christian Bale that was China’s Best Foreign Film Oscar entry. While it is a fairly conventional poster with floating heads blended, I love the colors and the overall design and layout. It’s eye-catching and a perfectly gorgeous poster to go along with an otherwise outstanding film. I got to see it late last year and enjoyed it a lot, it’s very powerful filmmaking from one of China’s best filmmakers, Zhang Yimou. Check it out below! Here’s the brand new official US poster for The Flowers of War. You can still catch the latest trailer here. The story in The Flowers of War, based on Yan Geling’s novel The 13 Women of Nanjing, will see Bale as an …

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