Kickstart This: Animated ‘Dome’, ‘Creep!’ and ‘Terrible Week’ Musical

Welcome back to another Kickstart This, FirstShowing’s weekly column dedicated to highlighting cool (and sometimes unusual) independent fundraising projects that need your help to survive. This week, we’ve got two Kickstarter campaigns and an IndieGoGo project that we think are worth your while. There’s Dome, an animated film about a robot with multiple celebrity endorsements; It’s A Terrible Week for Singing, a musical feature about an unlucky puppeteer; and also Creep!, a multifaceted project about a terrible monster movie from the 1960s. Check out all of them below, and don’t forget to donate if you can. Read on! “Let’s Kickstart this sumbitch!” So says Party Down and Freaks and Geeks actor Martin Starr about this first project, a cool animated feature called Dome. It looks like a dirtier version of Pixar’s Wall-E, and Starr isn’t the only celebrity endorsing this. It’s also got the attention of “LOST” co-creator & Prometheus co-writer …

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