Kickstart This: ‘Kenny’ Doc, ‘P5YCH’ + IndieGoGo’s ‘Halo: Helljumper’

Welcome to this week’s edition of Kickstart This, our weekly column devoted to shining the spotlight on interesting fundraising projects that need your help to get made. We’re finally spreading our wings a bit and looking outside the Kickstarter umbrella to IndieGoGo this week, and we’ve got three projects that we think are worth a look. There’s Kenny: A Documentary in G about the sax player, a horror flick called P5YCH that brings together classic horror icons, and a badass webseries called Halo: Helljumper that’s so awesome it almost makes us forget that a big screen version hasn’t been made yet. Check them out below! First up is Kenny: A Documentary in G. I know, I know – your parents probably listened to Kenny G back in the 90s, and his music is cheesy as hell. But take a look at what filmmakers Brian McGinn and Rod Blackhurst have in store …

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