Kristen Wiig in Talks to Join Ben Stiller in ‘Secret Life of Walter Mitty’

Though she definitely won’t be getting back in the wedding groove for a Bridesmaids sequel, “Saturday Night Live” star Kristen Wiig is taking on another comedy as THR has word that she will join Ben Stiller in the long gestating adaptation/remake of The Secret Life of Walter Mitty based on James Thurber’s classic short story of the same name. While the new take on the story has gone through drastically different versions, Fox has settled on a plot following a timid magazine photo manager (Stiller) who daydreams of exciting adventures, only to get into an adventure of his own when he goes in search of a missing negative. Wiig will play Stiller’s co-worker and, wouldn’t you know it, the girl of his dreams. After Bridesmaids, Wiig’s career is taking off to do big comedies rather than just small supporting roles, and any comedy only benefits from her talents. It sounds like …

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