Kutcher Clearing His Schedule, Fully Preparing for Steve Jobs Role

“He believes the role was meant for him.” So the producer claims. On April Fools Day this past weekend, despite not being a joke at all, news broke that 34-year-old actor Ashton Kutcher was set to star as Steve Jobs in an indie biopic titled Jobs, already being prepped to shoot this summer. The news made quite a stir, but I’m supportive, as I think Kutcher can be a great actor if he really puts his all in, and it sounds like that’s the case. The Daily (via Mac Rumors) followed up with producer, and the project’s financier, Mark Hulme this week and got some quotes out of him about Kutcher’s early preparations for the role. Read on! Hulme, who runs Five Star Feature Films, is the “sole investor” behind the project, featuring a script by Matt Whiteley, to be directed by Joshua Michael Stern. He speaks rather frankly to The …

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