Let the Web’s Greatest Art Critic Teach You About the Latest Rich People Art Thing [Video]

Long story short, British artist Damien Hirst has been doing these “spot paintings” for a while—they are, literally, paintings of spots; also, technically they are “done” by his assistants—and now he’s retrieved them all from collectors and distributed them among 11 Gagosian Galleries in eight countries, and is offering a free art to anyone who goes and sees every single spot painting. In all eight countries. So this is officially a “thing,” because it is [whatever word adequately communicates an aggravated eye roll], and since we have nothing of value to say about it really, we will defer to Sister Wendy’s spiritual successor Hennessy Youngman, who previously taught us so much about poststructuralism and relational aesthetics on his wonderful show Art Thoughtz. More »

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