Liam Neeson is Taking to the Skies for More ‘Non-Stop’ Ass-Kicking

Just last August we heard about a new mile high thriller from Dark Castle in the form of Non-Stop, a new project from a spec script written by John Richardson and Chris Roach with Never Back Down and Cry_Wolf director Jeff Wadlow attached to direct. At the time, the project was just beginning development, but now a big update comes from Variety who says that Taken and Unknown ass-kicker Liam Neeson has signed on to take the lead role in the film following a worn-out air marshal who faces a threat while traveling on an international flight. If only he’d fight a pack of ravenous wolves on the flight, we’d be set. Again, since this is the first screenplay sale for the writers, and Wadlow’s work behind the camera has left something to be desired, I can’t say that this sounds like the most promising project. Dark Castle is the same …

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