Official Trailer for Fox Searchlight’s ‘Lola Versus’ with Greta Gerwig

“Remember how much I loved Cinderella? It’s what messes little girls up!” One of Fox Searchlight’s recent surprise 2012 releases is Lola Versus, a charming little indie romantic comedy about a girl dumped just before her wedding, who goes on such of herself and other men. Searchlight debuted a trailer on Apple. Greta Gerwig stars as Lola, vs Sex, vs Love, vs the World, in this fun comedy. Her runaway husband-to-be is Joel Kinnaman, and her two friends are Zoe Lister-Jones (“Whitney”) and Hamish Linklater (The Future). This definitely looks quite a bit aimed towards women, but I still laughed, looks good. Check it out! Watch the first official trailer for Daryl Wein’s Lola Versus from Fox Searchlight, in high def via Apple: Dumped by her boyfriend just three weeks before their wedding, Lola (Gerwig) enlists her close friends for a series of adventures that she hopes will help her come to …

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