‘One Love’ – Alternate Poster for Kevin Macdonald’s Bob Marley Doc

One love, man! I’m a big Bob Marley fan, and I’m pretty damn excited for Marley, the definitive doc about the Jamaican reggae singer. We’ve already seen a few official trailers, but Magnolia has put out a new poster to compliment that colorful one. The poster features Marley’s face made up entirely of symbols, created by Swedish artist Viktor Hertz. “The idea behind the pictogram mosaic portrait, is to somehow show the complexity and all the different things that made the man behind the music.” So he used special designs like 11 baby pictograms for his 11 kids, a football player, a gun chamber and more hidden in it. Cool. Take a look! You can also see the official trailer for Kevin Macdonald’s Marley documentary right here. Anyone going? Marley was originally supposed to be directed by Silence of the Lambs filmmaker Jonathan Demme before Life in a Day and Last King …

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