Payne Talks ‘Nebraska’

The last time Alexander Payne spoke about his follow-up to “The Descendants,” a road trip dramedy titled “Nebraska,” he was fairly curt with his responses. “That’s all bullshit,”he said to Moviefone last fall when presented with a short list of actors, Gene Hackman and Robert Duvall among them, who had reportedly been considered for the lead role. “It’s true that we have talked about those actors, but no offer has been made.” At the National Board of Review awards gala in New York on Tuesday night, Payne was a bit more forthcoming.There to pick-up an award for Best Screenplay, Payne discussed “Nebraska” — about a father and son traveling from Montana to Nebraska who stop in the father’s hometown along the way — with Coming Soon. “It’s just a little comedy. It’s nothing fancy. Nothing too ambitious. It’s a nice little comedy.”Asked why he choose to make “Nebraska,” Payne was fairly blunt. “I’m always just so damn desperate to find anything that can make a movie. I’m serious,” he said. “This one is not a grand statement and it’s not particularly important to me. ‘The Descendants’ wasn’t entirely personal to me. I just thought it was make a decent movie and it would be fun to make. I also think about what would be fun to make.””Nebraska” is currently in the process of finding its cast. Look for it in theaters in … a while.[via Coming Soon]

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