Phantom City Creative’s ‘Cabin in the Woods’ & ‘Exorcist’ Mondo Art

You think you know the story… We’ve got another excellent Mondo poster to feature today, in fact a few of them. Mondo’s Justin Ishmael (@mondonews) has unveiled the artwork for two new posters created by Toronto’s Phantom City Creative, one for William Friedkin’s 1973 classic The Exorcist, one for Drew Goddard’s modern but soon-to-be-classic horror The Cabin in the Woods, which had its own Mondo Mystery screening, too. originally debuted the Cabin poster, which features some twisted M.C. Escher-like art, similar to the official poster. Both of these are stunning, and go on sale soon, check ’em out! Yea, we featured a lot of Mondo posters, but not only are these great art, but I think Cabin in the Woods deserves all the extra attention it can get. Plus, The Exorcist is a classic, and this one looks awesome, too. Both of these posters are 24″x36″ and being printed/sold by Mondo …

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