PHOTOS: Baby Tyler Sercombe Has Friends In High Places

You know you’ve got star power when you can command the attention of 130 of Tinseltown’s uber-elite — and you’re not even two years old! That’s the reality for baby Tyler Sercombe who has attended more than 60 red carpet premieres and had her photo taken with more than 130 famous faces, according to Star.But baby Tyler, who hails from South-West London, doesn’t make her moves without a little adult supervision. The one-year-old’s mother, Donna Sercombe, is the true movie fanatic who brings her daughter out to fete her favorite celebrities. Stars from Geoffrey Rush and Meryl Streep to Anne Hathaway and Reese Witherspoon have all stopped to give the baby girl a little love and a photo. Check out all of baby Tyler’s red carpet moments below:

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