‘Rear Window’ Plays Out in One Impressive Single-Shot Composition

First of all, if you’re one of those cinephiles who has some glaring blanks spots in your absorption of film history, Alfred Hitchcock’s staple thriller Rear Window should not be one of them. If it that’s not the case, get the film as soon as possible and then rejoin the group. Good? All right. Now that you’re caught up, you can check out a preview of this masterful piece of work from Jeff Desom who has used Adobe Photoshop and After Effects to craft a 3D model of the apartment complexes in Rear Window and has the film play out in real time as if the viewer was peering into the apartments involved in this classic story. Watch below! Here’s a preview of what Jeff Desom has done with Rear Window via SlashFilm: The video itself is actually a 20-minute video installation and presents the entire film within that time without speeding …

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