See ‘Inception,’ ‘Avatar’ & More Reimagined as Classic Movie Posters

Over the decades, marketing movies has changed quite a bit, but one of the coolest ways to promote a film still comes in the form of movie posters. The style of these posters has changed drastically over the years, but some artists still like to throwback to posters form years past for their inspiration. Graphic artist Peter Stults has done just that, but rather than just reimagining the posters in a classic style, Stults has also cast movies like Inception, Avatar, Drive and The Hangover with Hollywood’s biggest names during the Golden Age of cinema. Honestly, some of these movies would be great with casts like this. Posters below! Here are some of today’s movies reimagined as classic films courtesy of (more at Seriously, I would love to see a classic version of The Hangover starring Dean Martin, Jack Lemmon and Jerry Lewis, and Drive with James Dean in the …

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