Seth MacFarlane’s ‘Ted’ Trailer: Five Key Scenes

Mark Wahlberg tries to sever ties from his childhood teddy bear, the foul-mouthed Ted.
By Fallon Prinzivalli As a kid, did you ever wish on a shooting star that the stuffed animal your dad brought you back from his business trip would come to life? No? Well, Mark Wahlberg did in his new movie “Ted,” and to his surprise, his wish was granted. “Ted” follows John Bennett (Wahlberg) as a 35-year-old still living with Ted, his faithful, vulgar stuffed friend from childhood. As he attempts to move on with his life, Ted continually shows up when he’s unwanted — at least by Bennett’s girlfriend, Lori (Mila Kunis). The comedy is written and directed by “Family Guy creator Seth MacFarlane in his big-screen debut. And if Ted sounds familiar, it’s because MacFarlane is also voicing the bear. Until the film hits theaters on July 13, here are the five key scenes from the restricted “Ted” trailer. A Chance Meeting
John Bennett knocks Lori over at a club with his unique dance moves. The opening notes of “Sweet Disposition” by the Temper Trap start to play as he touches ice to her head, cueing the sweet montage of things new couples do together in romantic comedies. They have a playful paint war while repainting a bedroom, float blissfully on a lake and it all ends with an “I love you” kiss in bed. Aww. For all the romantics excited at the prospect of another “The Notebook” to drag their significant others to, think again. Thunder Buddies for Life
Enter Ted. Frightened by thunder during a storm, a living teddy bear comes running into Lori and Bennett’s room, hops into bed between them and starts singing (along with an equally scared Bennett) the thunder song. The tune is filled with a few choice words, hand motions and sounds that would make a sailor blush — not the usual children’s lullaby. He’s No Corduroy
In true MacFarlane style, Ted isn’t your usual cuddly teddy bear. While our first introduction to Ted is during a colorful rendition of a children’s lullaby, our next meeting with the character shows a marijuana-smoking burnout suggesting what sex position Lori may be expecting from Bennett later that night. It seems even teddy bears lose their innocence as they get older. Ted Meets Girl
Ted works at a supermarket and develops a crush on one of his co-workers. When Bennett asks her name, Ted says it’s of the “white trash” variety. It leads to a hilarious scene where Wahlberg shows off his Marky-Mark skills, listing off the possible names in a way that might make Busta Rhymes a little jealous. Exit Ted?
The trailer ends with dejected looking Ted walking in a dark alley sipping from a beer bottle. Maybe John Bennett grew up, gave into his girlfriend’s request and cut ties with his unusual BFF? Lori can only hope. Check out everything we’ve got on “Ted.” For breaking news, celebrity columns, humor and more — updated around the clock — visit

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