So They Really Are Shooting Another Scene of ‘The Avengers’ Tonight

Many celebrities and press, including myself, were at the world premiere of Marvel’s The Avengers just last night and finally got to see the epic summer blockbuster in all its grandeur. While attending the press conference today, at the end of the panel that included Robert Downey Jr., the actor started saying “we’re not done shooting”, then added: “We are shooting one more scene [for Avengers]… tonight. Not kidding.” The press conference ended at that very moment, leaving many press buzzing about whether that was really true, as it seemed like he honestly wasn’t joking, though Joss Whedon later claimed he was. But maybe not? Word has gone round the web fast (see Movieline, SlashFilm, The Playlist) and while no updates—besides Whedon’s denial—have arisen, speculation is that it may still be true after all. Apparently Marvel President Kevin Feige was noticeably a bit upset, or nervous, when Downey Jr. said that. …

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