Some New Images from ‘The Dark Knight Rises’ + Nolan Talks Bane

Though six months lie between now and the release of The Dark Knight Rises, some midnight IMAX screenings in New York and Los Angeles are already sold out. At least one more official trailer will probably hit before the film’s release, but until then we have a few new images which you can check out below. In addition EW recently talked with Christopher Nolan about the debacle concerning Bane’s muffled voice and he said, “I think when people see the film, things will come into focus. Bane is very complex and very interesting and when people see the finished film people will be very entertained by him.” Photos below! Here are the new photos from The Dark Knight Rises (see EW’s small cover picture right here too): Jonah Nolan also recently spoke with ComingSoon about Bane and said, “I gotta tell you, I think what Tom Hardy’s doing with the role is …

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