Sundance 2011: ‘I Am Not a Hipster’ is a Fantastic Indie Music Indie

When it comes to a film titled I Am Not a Hipster, it’s hard to know what to expect. Is it about hipsters or not? Will it even be any good? In fact, it’s about an incredible indie musician from San Diego named Brook and his family, and it’s fantastic. While comparisons to former Sundance delight Once can certainly be made, this film is a unique, sometimes even quirky, low-budget indie made by director Destin Cretton’s real friends and family (his sister was the costume designer). Not only was the music performed excellent, but it’s actually beautiful story about a struggling family, filled with fascinating and often amusing characters. Actor/musician Dominic Bogart plays “faux-hipster” Brook, a talented indie musician in San Diego who moved there two years ago and “exploded” on the indie music scene with his debut album. Throughout the course of the film, we learn that he has three …

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