Sundance 2012: Mike Birbiglia’s ‘Sleepwalk with Me’ is a True Delight

Having stand-up comedians bring their act to television or the big screen always results in a mixed bag of quality. Television has the most failure, but often when a comedian brings their brand of comedy to film as well, it’s a difficult transition. However, as a fan of Mike Birbiglia (you can watch one of his stand-up specials on Netflix Instant), I was anxious to see how his directorial debut and first leading role in Sleepwalk with Me turned out. Thankfully, the comedian has made an adorable film about a struggling comedian with uncertain romance and a humorous sleeping disorder, all crafted from his personal stories. With a flare that’s reminiscent of “Seinfeld,” a first-person voiceover and fourth-wall-breaking conversations with the audience, Mike Birbiglia tells his own story (based on his popular book and comedy album of the same name) under the not so disguising character of Matt Pandamiglio who just …

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