Sundance 2012: ‘Red Hook Summer’ Does Not ‘Do the Right Thing’

Following the premiere of Red Hook Summer, director Spike Lee quite adamantly proclaimed that his first Sundance film is “not a motherf**kin’ sequel to Do the Right Thing.” Yes, the filmmaker intermittently reprises his role as Mookie, the character from the aforementioned 1989 film. Yes, it has the same colorful palette and visual style in hot Brooklyn. Yes, the story structure is eerily similar and culminates in surprising third act chaos driven this time by religious controversy and wrongs as opposed to racial tension. But despite all those things, Red Hook Summer is somehow not a sequel to Do the Right Thing? No way. If this isn’t a sequel to Do the Right Thing, then the only decent qualities Red Hook Summer has are blatant digs at filmmaker Tyler Perry (the two directors have had unkind words with each other), making the film about as subtle as a brick to the …

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