Sylvester Stallone, Arnold Schwarzengger Teaming Up Again?

With 2012 serving up double the Sylvester Stallone — in the axe-wielding “Bullet to the Head” and the muscle-bound “Expendables 2” — it looks like we’re in the midst of a Sly Renaissance.After some scheduling conflicts, it looks like still-ripped star may still headline Mikael Hafstrom’s (“The Rite”) upcoming drama, “The Tomb” — and he might bring Arnold Schwarzengger underground with himThe film follows a man who has created a high-tech prison that is said to be escape-proof. (Famous last words.) The character then has to outsmart himself when he is set up and incarcerated in the cell.This isn’t Schwarzenegger’s first tango with “The Tomb” script; he once considered playing the lead role, (Bruce Willis was also linked to the project, with Antoine Fuqua to direct). Apparently, Arnie’s been approached about the role and, as Deadline points out, the Arnold-Sly duo makes “too much sense not to happen.”(Famous last words. Again.)”Bullet to the Head” hits theaters April 13; “The Expendables 2” arrives August 17. [via Deadline]

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