‘The Grey’ May Come Back to Theaters in October for an Oscar Run

While it’s a bit odd to be talking about a re-release nine months away days before the movie is even released in theaters to begin with, I don’t mind, because this is exactly what I wanted to hear. Joe Carnahan’s The Grey arrives in theaters this weekend, and it’s easily one of the best films of the first half of this year, I’ve seen it twice and it’s fantastic. More importantly, not only does the script deserve plenty of acclaim, but so does Liam Neeson, who gives an phenomenal performance. It’s being theoretically “dumped” in January, even though I think it could be a huge breakout hit, but Carnahan says they might re-release it in October. One of the many sites that interviewed Carnahan recently was The Playlist, and the last question they asked was regarding the January release date. “If we’d been able to launch in Toronto, which was our …

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