‘The Natural’ Director Barry Levinson Swinging at Hank Aaron Biopic

Barry Levinson’s 1984 film The Natural is widely regarded as one of the best sports movies of all time, and it might actually be the best baseball movie ever made. (Calm down, The Sandlot enthusiasts!) It’s safe to say Levinson knows how to handle the genre, and like so many underdog sports heroes, it looks like the director is returning to the diamond for one more game. Variety reports Levinson is taking on a still-untitled biopic of baseball icon Hank Aaron, the man who bested The Sultan of Swat, Babe Ruth’s, home run record back in 1974 and held the title until 2007, when the steroid-infused Barry Bonds snapped the streak. More below! Based on Howard Bryant’s book The Last Hero: The Story of Hank Aaron, the film will follow the famous right fielder’s chase to beat Ruth’s record during the 1972-1974 seasons. Adam Mazer, who worked with Levinson on the …

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