Tim Burton Looking for More Stop-Motion with ‘Night of the Living’

Every now and then people need to be reminded that Tim Burton produced The Nightmare Before Christmas and it was Coraline director Henry Selick who was at the helm of the holiday musical, stop-motion animated feature. Of course, since then Burton has gone on to direct his own stop-motion films like The Corpse Bride, the forthcoming Frankenweenie, and a new take on The Addams Family. Now it sounds like he will be at the helm of yet another stop-motion film called The Night of the Living, a new original story from Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter screenwriter and author Seth Grahame-Smith. In an interview with THR, Grahame-Smith only briefly touched on the developing project saying: “‘Night of the Living’ is an idea I have had around for years that I’m doing with Tim Burton. When we were shooting ‘Dark Shadows’ last year I worked up the nerve to tell Tim about it because …

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