Tom Cruise Sings In New ‘Rock Of Ages’ Trailer!

Cruise crushes Bon Jovi in the new extended trailer for the musical.
By Gil Kaufman
Tom Cruise in “Rock of Ages”
Photo: Warner Bros. Pictures Up until now, we’ve seen glimpses of Stacee Jaxx. They’ve mostly been of the big tattooed wings on his back and his totally ripped torso. But in the just-released extended trailer for the movie remake of the smash Broadway jukebox musical “Rock of Ages” we finally get to hear a bit more from Tom Cruise as faded 80s metal icon Jaxx. In the final scene of the new two-and-a-half minute extended trailer, Cruise sings
 Bon Jovi’s “Wanted Dead or Alive” like an arena-rocking champ as sparks rain down from the rafters and his flowing mane of hair and tight leather pants drive the crowd into a frenzy. It just goes to show that all the research Cruise did to nail Jaxx paid off. “I just kind of studied the whole time period and read a lot of books,” he told MTV News
 of his preparation for the role. The clip shows off even more of star-stuffed cast, including a mustachioed Paul Giamatti, eternally psyched crowd-surfing club promoter Alec Baldwin, narrator Russell Brand, nerdy journalist Malin Akerman and, yes, a monkey in a studded leather jacket named “hey, man.” We also hear from aspiring rocker Diego Boneta as starry-eyed aspiring rocker Drew Boley, as well as the girl of his dreams, Julianne Hough
, as they duet on the classic hair metal ballad “Heaven” by Warrant. Back in February, Hough had nothing but praise for Cruise’s previously untapped musical chops
. “Oh, he’s fantastic,” Hough said. “If I remember correctly, I hear his … grandparents or something were opera singers, so he has this tone and this pitch that is incredible.” Catherine Zeta-Jones is resplendent in her pink pantsuit as the uptight Patricia Whitmore, who is determined to shut down the filthy Ages club. And a hilarious Baldwin is there at every turn to make her skin crawl, with lines such as, “Oh my God, I just threw up … in my pants.” Mary J. Blige gets a bit of shine as wise club veteran Justice Charlier, telling Hough, “The stage is a pedestal, when you’re up there, you’re untouchable.” The movie, which opens on June 15, also features “Breaking Bad” actor Bryan Cranston and Will Forte. Check out everything we’ve got on “Rock of Ages.” For breaking news, celebrity columns, humor and more — updated around the clock — visit

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