Tom Hanks to Lead Making-of ‘Mary Poppins’ Film ‘Saving Mr. Banks’

Earlier this year, we got word that The Blind Side director John Lee Hancock had finally found a project to follow-up his Best Picture nominee. The film is Saving Mr. Banks, and it is said to chronicle the behind-the-scenes story of how Walt Disney himself snagged the rights to the book on which the classic Mary Poppins is based. At the time of the reporting it was said Tom Hanks was in the running to play Disney himself with Meryl Streep being lined up to play Mary Poppins author P.L. Travers. Now Variety confirms Hanks for the role aforementioned role, but Emma Thompson will play the author of the classic tale. There’s likely a little bit of romance in the story as Disney courted Travers for 14 years before she finally allowed him the movie rights to her book. In the end, Travers was actually unhappy with the film, especially the …

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